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    What Is Your Relationship Fingerprint?
    Our fingers have a print and those prints testify to our uniqueness. No 2 individuals have the same finger prints. Simply put, our finger print is our recognition card (ID). Scripture says it like this "we are fearfully and splendidly made" (Psalms 139:14). Fingerprints establish early in life. They grow in the womb and remain with you to the burial place. It is likewise thought that a person's finger prints assist to hold on to things and aid in our sense of touch. I call it our "feelers." As you can see, fingerprints include value. The very same is true concerning your relationship fingerprint. Let me discuss:
    Your Relationship Fingerprint Is Your ID - Gary Chapman composed a book entitled The Five Love Languages. By love language I suggest the way you view, get, and interact love. Your relationship finger print recognizes you.
    Your Relationship Fingerprint Impacts - There are three things that affect how you view, get, and communicate love. Understanding of them will help you to better understand why and how you flow in relationships.
    Well that is only half of the stating. The company you keep will influence what you believe, state, and do in relationships.
    b) Your Relationship Fingerprint Education - This learning is from the School of Life. Did you ever hear your parent(s) say "do as I state not as I do?" Well it normally does not work that method. Children have the tendency to grow up and do exactly what their moms and dads did. Why? Because more is captured than what is taught. Science calls it learned habits.
    c) Your Relationship Fingerprint Experiences - Imagine that there is a crowd of individuals who stroll into a space filled with chairs. The very first person takes a seat and all of a sudden the chair totters, breaks, and sends out the individual crashing to the floor. What do you believe everyone who saw that will do before sitting? That's. They are going to inspect to see if the chair is broken prior to sitting down. You see experiences - whether direct or indirect - have the tendency to form one's perspective and expectation.
    Your relationship finger print might determine what you think, say, and carry out in relationships.

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